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The Radio Sandwich

I confess: I listen to NPR on a regular basis. And this summer they had a contest for recipes representing the “Taste of Summer”. Now the other two finalists were a strawberry trifle (which isn’t the  taste of summer to … Continue reading

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Summer heat and veggie variety

Middle of June and the heat is here. Heat index near 100 earlier this week, although today is a sunny blue sky pleasant upper 80’s day. The very last day for a few things at the Farmer’s Market today: lettuce, … Continue reading

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Fall foods are back! And so am I.

It’s been an adventurous year or two or three. This fall for the first time since 2007, I do NOT have 2 doctoral classes taking up all the time I am not working, singing, or visiting family. So I think … Continue reading

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Personal watermelon

The produce at the Market today says the end of summer: fewer tomato varieties & a little smaller & harder and less ripe; less corn; figs are gone; fewer cantaloupes. The flowers are changing – the zinnias are going more to … Continue reading

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Seasons moving on to fall…

Fall is definitely in the air, even here in the midsouth. This morning at the farmer’s Market, the vendors have on sweatshirts and hats and gloves. Summer foods are coming to an end: there are a few scattered tomatoes left, and … Continue reading

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End of summer abundance

It’s Labor Day weekend, which used to mean the end of summer and the start of school.  Labor Day used to mean trudging along sun-baked dusty roads, saying good-bye to summer friends, and getting ready to go home and start school the next day. … Continue reading

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too many tomatoes

Have I mentioned I love summer heirloom tomatoes? I bought lots both last Saturday a the market and again yesterday. Its my vegetable of choice at teach meal. I had tomato sandwiches. Sliced tomatoes. Tomatoes in balsamic oil & vinegar. Tomato … Continue reading

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Eggplants purple, white and green

Eggplants are almost the only purple vegetable I can think of (kohlrabi is another). It is such a beautiful deep dark purple shiny color on the outside, and a pale soft  green/beige inside. Eggplants soak up so much oil in cooking, … Continue reading

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Tomato, tomahto

Heirloom tomatoes are in, and it doesn’t matter how you pronounce them, they taste WONDERFUL! I could eat tomatoes – and often do – three times a day during the summer months. Once you’ve tasted really wonderful tomatoes, you will never buy … Continue reading

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