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Heirloom vegetables

I admit I am easily amused. One of the things I love about heirloom vegetables is the interplay of colors. Buy a tomato at the grocery and it’s somewhere between red and orange-red. But the heirloom  tomatoes range from pale … Continue reading

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The joys of summer vegetables

This was my first visit back to the Farmer’s Market after a long vacation. When I last visited, it was mid-June, and there were only a few tomatoes, some baby squash, and still lots of lettuces, spinach and spring vegetables … Continue reading

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End of summer abundance

It’s Labor Day weekend, which used to mean the end of summer and the start of school.  Labor Day used to mean trudging along sun-baked dusty roads, saying good-bye to summer friends, and getting ready to go home and start school the next day. … Continue reading

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