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Springtime in Memphis!

I missed posting last week, as I traveled east to my daughter’s family for Mother’s Day. It was early spring there, up in the mountains, the leaves on the trees all early spring greens and golds. After a day of … Continue reading

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Cold day at the market

The low here in Memphis last night was 37, possibly a record, and the high today only 56. Brrrr. This is Memphis, folks, where it’s usually in the 90’s by May!! I may be the only person enjoying the cool … Continue reading

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Vinegar is versatile. Not only for salad dressings and marinades, but for folks like me who don’t like to drink buttermilk, but occasionally need it for biscuits or cornbread, a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of regular milk will … Continue reading

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Jam. Strawberry jam.

I’m up to “J” in the a-to-z challenge! and I think I’m a day ahead, but won’t have time on the actual J day. It’s almost time for fresh, local strawberries. Memphis usually has them first showing up at the … Continue reading

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Strawberry fields forever…

Still strawberry season. I bought 4 quarts today, fearing they are going soon, and that the predicted rain won’t help them either. The ripest ones were lunch today, drippy and red and sweet all the way through. They are beautiful medium … Continue reading

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Shopping in the rain at the farmer’s market…

… is going on even in the midst of floods. This morning we woke up to flooded streets. What woke us up was the rapidly rising water that was submerging cars and setting off their car alarms. Down the street the … Continue reading

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Strawberries again…

Traveling north, strawberries are again in season….and wonderful. At a local store, found the most beautiful strawberries I’ve seen in years…juice, ripe, and red all the way through. Sliced onto cereal, sliced into Greek yogurt, macerated on shortcake biscuits…..if I’d … Continue reading

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Savoring Local Strawberries again….

Being up in PA on vacation, I have moved back a season in foods. Strawberries are big right now. Yesterday I bought the most beautiful red ripe strawberries I may have ever seen in my life! Sliced open, they were … Continue reading

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The shortest season: Strawberries

One of the greatest things about sweet, ripe local strawberries is when they overflow in the markets – for that short season when they’re ripe, everybody has them.  The worst thing is how short a season it is – 3 or … Continue reading

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