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New heirlooms

One of the things I love about Farmer’s Markets is the variety of odd things. Maybe a farmer will experiment with one new type of heirloom tomato or melon, to see how it does. But if 8 different farmers do … Continue reading

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Bicolor corn is IN!!

Corn is in, incredibly early, so even with my end-of-June visits, we got some of Tebbs’ local, hand-picked-that-morning, corn. They bring it in to the stand, in large square containers, and the farm stand workers get the corn for you. … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming…even to the Farmer’s Market

They had a special Holiday Market at MFM today. What fun! And cold!! the coffee stand was doing really really good business! Lots of artisans with gifts: pottery, metal work, soaps and lotions, wood carving, birdhouses, jewelry. But also breads and baked goods … Continue reading

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Bittersweet fall…

Time is passing quickly this fall. I’m out of town on three different business trips, I’m taking 2 doctoral classes, own of which meets four times on a SAturday…so that means 7 Saturdays this fall I am out of pocket. I miss Saturdays! … Continue reading

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End of summer abundance

It’s Labor Day weekend, which used to mean the end of summer and the start of school.  Labor Day used to mean trudging along sun-baked dusty roads, saying good-bye to summer friends, and getting ready to go home and start school the next day. … Continue reading

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Peaches and cherries and drupes, oh my!

Actually peaches and cherries are drupes. A drupe is a stone fruit – a fruit with a large seed pit or stone in the middle. Peaches, plums, apricots, cherries – all are stone fruits, or drupes, although neither are terms … Continue reading

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French Breakfast Radishes

French breakfast radishes are elongated, red tops and white bottoms. They have a milder flavor than the red globes we are used to. I hear the French slice them and eat them with a little salt for appetizers at happy hour. … Continue reading

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Many-colored carrots

Didja think carrots just came in orange? Oh, no! All shades of yellow to red, working through a variety of orange shades. This week the bag had ruby red carrots. They still taste like carrots, only different, and the color is … Continue reading

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