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Rarebit, Welsh

Welsh rarebit is another dish from my childhood that is widely underused in this day and age. Sometimes called Welsh rabbit, for no reason anyone understands, it’s a thick sauce of cheese and beer (and sometimes cream) usually ladled over … Continue reading

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C is for…..??? cheese! chocolate!

There were so many “C” foods to choose: cheese, cranberries, chicken, cantaloupe, coffee, cookies, carrots, cake, cherries, cinnamon chives, chard…what to do, what to do?? One friend suggested “choir food” because when my choir gets together to eat, we have … Continue reading

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Brie…as a grilled sandwich

Have you ever had a piece of one of those yummy baked brie rounds covered with apricot or cranberry or raspberry preserves, sometimes surrounded by puff pastry and baked until warm and melty?? Very tasty but a bit of work. … Continue reading

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Cheese, please…..

I brought back a 40+ pound wheel of cheese from PA – good sharp cheddar cheese from York Valley, madeĀ from raw milk. As I might have said last year, we call it Katie’s cheese, because it comes fromĀ Katie’s Country Store. … Continue reading

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Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

I stopped at Katie’s Country store today, and now am the proud possessor of 3.85 pounds of Katie’s cheese. It’s really York Valley sharp cheddar, made from raw milk, and it is tangy and delicious…and if you know me personally, … Continue reading

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