Food & Photos

I have taken photographs for a long time and think I have a pretty good eye. Especailly for nature things and kids. Food photos, however, are taken indoors, usually late in the day, with less-than-desirable light, and has been more of a challenge. My last year’s photos of vegetables are pretty good, but sometimes the colors are a little off, or there are shadows that I just can’t avoid.  And I’ve never been as good with cooked foods or recipes – food styling has not been a skill I have worked on.

So that is an ongoing project for this year – better food photos and better food styling for photos. First I’ll put into practice some of the things I know about light, like making reflectors, and see how much I can do without buying any other equipment. I’ve found some blogs about food photos and styling. I’ll keep notes examples here about what I’ve learned. But I welcome suggestions.


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