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Summer heat and veggie variety

Middle of June and the heat is here. Heat index near 100 earlier this week, although today is a sunny blue sky pleasant upper 80’s day. The very last day for a few things at the Farmer’s Market today: lettuce, … Continue reading

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L is Lettuces!

What could be simpler than lettuce?? For starters, the singular and plural forms could be a little easier. A head of lettuce, five heads of lettuce…or lettuces, which is much more noticeable. Different varieties actually taste very different. I love … Continue reading

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Eggplant – crispy squares

Eggplant is so often buried in other food flavors – in ratatouille, in eggplant parmigiana, baba ganoush. But I like eggplant. And I think they are decorative on the counter in shades of purple, white & green. They are excellent … Continue reading

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Pumpkins, bok choy, tomatoes & university

This time of year is confusing for seasonal eating. Last weekend it was COLD and soup sounded good. Then before I could cook any, the temps soared back up into the high 80’s this week. But the cool snap brought out beautiful lettuce. So … Continue reading

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Personal watermelon

The produce at the Market today says the end of summer: fewer tomato varieties & a little smaller & harder and less ripe; less corn; figs are gone; fewer cantaloupes. The flowers are changing – the zinnias are going more to … Continue reading

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New heirlooms

One of the things I love about Farmer’s Markets is the variety of odd things. Maybe a farmer will experiment with one new type of heirloom tomato or melon, to see how it does. But if 8 different farmers do … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Volunteer Fire Company: Chicken Barbeque & sides

Barbecued chicken in this part of the country is grilled/smoked until browned, succulent, and juicy tender. The Muncy Valley Volunteer Fire Company has  “Chicken Barbecue Dinner” fundraisers 3 times during the summer, an all-you-can-eat dinner. Well, you only get half a chicken, but to … Continue reading

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Plums as small as my thumb

Went down to the Farmer’s Market first thing this morning…it is to be very very very hot today. Upper 90’s with a heat index of 105…??? How can that be, even in Memphis, when it’s not even mid-June? The vendors at the Market … Continue reading

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Bittersweet fall…

Time is passing quickly this fall. I’m out of town on three different business trips, I’m taking 2 doctoral classes, own of which meets four times on a SAturday…so that means 7 Saturdays this fall I am out of pocket. I miss Saturdays! … Continue reading

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Tomato, tomahto

Heirloom tomatoes are in, and it doesn’t matter how you pronounce them, they taste WONDERFUL! I could eat tomatoes – and often do – three times a day during the summer months. Once you’ve tasted really wonderful tomatoes, you will never buy … Continue reading

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