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Easy Supper

I was just getting used to having no homework…and then I agreed to teach an online graduate course. So I have “homework” of setting up the course discussions, and then reviewing the postings of the students. But I got to … Continue reading

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The Radio Sandwich

I confess: I listen to NPR on a regular basis. And this summer they had a contest for recipes representing the “Taste of Summer”. Now the other two finalists were a strawberry trifle (which isn’t the  taste of summer to … Continue reading

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Summer heat and veggie variety

Middle of June and the heat is here. Heat index near 100 earlier this week, although today is a sunny blue sky pleasant upper 80’s day. The very last day for a few things at the Farmer’s Market today: lettuce, … Continue reading

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Springtime in Memphis!

I missed posting last week, as I traveled east to my daughter’s family for Mother’s Day. It was early spring there, up in the mountains, the leaves on the trees all early spring greens and golds. After a day of … Continue reading

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Rarebit, Welsh

Welsh rarebit is another dish from my childhood that is widely underused in this day and age. Sometimes called Welsh rabbit, for no reason anyone understands, it’s a thick sauce of cheese and beer (and sometimes cream) usually ladled over … Continue reading

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Brie…as a grilled sandwich

Have you ever had a piece of one of those yummy baked brie rounds covered with apricot or cranberry or raspberry preserves, sometimes surrounded by puff pastry and baked until warm and melty?? Very tasty but a bit of work. … Continue reading

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Chicken Pot Pie

Well, after I commented about how hot the weather was getting, I was surprised to find myself fixing chicken pot pie, as it seems to me like a cold weather comfort food. But when I offered cook something chicken, The Boyfriend requested some good homemade … Continue reading

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