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Gluten-free peanut butter cookies

But don’t let the gluten-free scare you away! These are amazing and simple and delicious and if you like peanut butter I bet you have all 4 ingredients on hand! They are crisp rather than chewy cookies. And unfortunately, they … Continue reading

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C is for…..??? cheese! chocolate!

There were so many “C” foods to choose: cheese, cranberries, chicken, cantaloupe, coffee, cookies, carrots, cake, cherries, cinnamon chives, chard…what to do, what to do?? One friend suggested “choir food” because when my choir gets together to eat, we have … Continue reading

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Christmas Baking – Part 1

This morning’s Triumph in Christmas Baking was gluten-free (GF) peanut butter cookies. It was a recipe from the Sunday paper, and unlike many GF baked goods, required no unusual flours that I would have to out and buy. Peanut butter, … Continue reading

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Happiness IS two kinds of ice cream…

I’ve been reading “The Happiness Project, Or, Why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun” by Gretchen Rubin,  It’s an interesting experiment, to take a … Continue reading

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Fruit (peach) pie. Or cobbler. slump. tart. crisp. clafouti. buckle. brown betty.

Huckleberry pie – homemade of course! – may be my all time favorite. But summer calls for doing things with the abundance of fruit.  Over the next weeks of summer, I’ll make some of these different versions of yummy fruit desserts. … Continue reading

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