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August is still filled with fresh vegetables

August is just streaming past. Schools have started, even colleges. The abundance of big meaty summer tomatoes has dwindled but is still more than adequate. Lots of zucchini and squash. Lots and lots and lots of okra this year. Still … Continue reading

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Eggplant – crispy squares

Eggplant is so often buried in other food flavors – in ratatouille, in eggplant parmigiana, baba ganoush. But I like eggplant. And I think they are decorative on the counter in shades of purple, white & green. They are excellent … Continue reading

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Date Update….for “D” day in the A-to-Z blogging challenge

Did you know dates are a fresh fruit? I love dates! But I never knew they were fresh fruit: they are naturally low in moisture, less than 30%. Think about their growing habits – palms, desserts – where a typical … Continue reading

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C is for…..??? cheese! chocolate!

There were so many “C” foods to choose: cheese, cranberries, chicken, cantaloupe, coffee, cookies, carrots, cake, cherries, cinnamon chives, chard…what to do, what to do?? One friend suggested “choir food” because when my choir gets together to eat, we have … Continue reading

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Fall foods are back! And so am I.

It’s been an adventurous year or two or three. This fall for the first time since 2007, I do NOT have 2 doctoral classes taking up all the time I am not working, singing, or visiting family. So I think … Continue reading

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High summer

It’s the end of July and it’s high summer. Gardens are prolific and produce is everywhere! Last summer with the CSA I was getting lots of different vegetables to explore and experiment with. This year I’m focusing on favorites and … Continue reading

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Leeks showed up in the CSA this week. Surprisingly enough, I have never cooked leeks before. I suppose there are all sorts of interesting things to do with them, But I’ve had a recipe for a simple leek and potato … Continue reading

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