I buy too many tomatoes.

Apparently I need help for my tomato purchasing addiction. Especially Cherokee Purples. Is it a shopping addiction or a food addiction? There I am at the Farmers Market. Just one more. One more. Just one more. Hmm…they’re getting smaller – they may be unavailable soon. Just one – or two – more. One hard rain and the season could be over! This one , too. MFM 8.29.15Oh-  and thatone. And oh, look – a basket of small Arkansas Travelers: the late season native heirlooms. I must remember to get some fresh mozzarella and see if I have any basil out back.

And possibly the last cantaloupe – depending on the weather, the farmer tells me, there may be a few more in three or four weeks. Late peaches – only a few. Very hard, but I can’t resist. They may need to be baked or roasted or grilled or cobblered rather than eaten raw, but that’s OK. I’ll let them ripen a little tho week and see. Because I have plenty of cantaloupe to eat! And a few more peppers to snack on this week. The cucumbers all look big and seedy and tough-skinned, so sweet peppers it is. And most of the squash are smaller – as were the peppers. None of those big lush-yet-tough ones. So I have a basket of small mixed crookneck and zucchini, although I am not sure what I will do with them.

20150827_174255Meanwhile, I am eating sliced tomatoes. Plain. With salt. With a little mayo. With bacon (yum!). With a little balsamic vinegar.  Or hole and sun-warmed, like an apple. With whatever is handy, or with nothing at all. Heirloom tomato season is short-lived but livens the depths of summer with superb flavors.

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