Books and Cookies

I’m almost finished with my July book challenge ((books that have been on my shelf for over a year, that is, purchased in 2013 or before, but left unread until now). And yes, I do realize it’s now August. Like my May book, which was about writing prose, this is also a book. poetry home repairbook about writing, this time poetry: The Poetry Home Repair Manual, by Ted Kooser (former poet laureate). A theme about books on my bookshelf which were purchased and left unread emerges: I am interested in different types of writing. This book was purchased while in the midst of my dissertation writing, so I think I was dreaming of more creative personal writing; a little less professorial. And here, finally, I am reading it. The book itself is excellent. The author is a college teacher (I find many poets are professors and mention the difficulty of supporting oneself solely by writing poetry), and his talents of instruction shine forth. He speaks in a casual instructive voice of guidance and encouragement, not dictatorial rules. He uses contemporary poems as illustrations for his points., some of his, but many other’s works as well. He organizes his thoughts in fairly short chapters, looking at poetry writing by topic, though details, through voice, through form, etc. I have enjoyed this and will reread it, more slowly, attempting to put in to practice the points from each chapter as I go, to try my hand at poetry writing, which I have done very little of in recent years.

This afternoon I was reading diligently, trying to finish while enjoying a Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do, and baking, as the outdoor temperature had dipped to almost only 20150802_17345695 today, so the toaster oven was turned on for the amazing (gluten-free) Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies that I’ve raved about before and are still a staple in this house, and some (gluten free) cereal squares, which I will talk about another day. Meanwhile, holding a cookie still warm with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate Ghirardelli chips, I am nibbling  (two. only two cookies. really.) and reading.

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