More Tomatoes. More Corn. More Cantaloupe. Never enough when farm-fresh & local

My meals tend to be a bit repetitious in mid-summer: Heirloom tomatoes. Fresh sweet MFM 8.1.15corn. Cantaloupe. Peaches (and yogurt). Repeat. Add occasional cheese (local, of course!) or eggs (scrambled with toast and tomatoes) or deviled, or cucumbers or other fresh from the market vegetables.

This week at the market I found some of the last of the blueberries (only one person had any, and he only had about 10 pints), and bi-color sweet corn. And then still lots of cantaloupes and peaches and tomatoes. Yay, purple Cherokee tomatoes! I did eat almost all of the tomatoes I bought last week. I’m just finishing them up today and tomorrow morning. But I bought lots more. Mid-week, I will make a tomato pie (with a biscuit dough base, and ‘iced’ with a mayonnaise, cheese, and herb mix. I also got some green beans, just for variety; and I still have a few cucumbers from last week, from my daughter’s garden.

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