How many tomatoes is too many??


Cherokee Purple, green zebra, Arkansas traveler and other tomatoes, blueberries, German rye bread, cantaloupe, peaches & cream corn. A delicious day at the market!

My dilemma at the Farmer’s Market when heirloom tomatoes are in season is always the same: How many tomatoes is too many? Possibly as many as I got today. Even if I eat tomatoes three times a day, can I really eat this many before they go bad? I can try! Sliced tomatoes with eggs for breakfast, tomato chunks in salad, bacon lettuce & tomato salad, more sliced tomatoes on the side of whatever meal I am having. Oh, my, yes, fresh tomatoes, yum! And if I have any left at the end of the week, then I’ll make ¬†escalloped tomato casserole or tomato pie/tomato pudding, before I restock the fresh ones at next Saturday’s market.

This week I did get lots of Cherokee Purple, my summer favorite, and also some green Cherokee (an accident one farmer had that he then bred into several plants this year), green zebra, and the stripy red/orange/yellow ones that I can never remember the name of, and early Arkansas Travelers (the small ones) which are usually a late August/September tomato here. But the weather has not been conducive to great long seasons of summer tomatoes this year. There have been heavy rains which the Purples do not tolerate, so I was warned of not too many more. Meanwhile, corn & tomato meals daily!

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