Beets & Summer Foods Coming In!

Oh, it’s time for the gardens to burst forth with produce!

We’ve been through strawberries season; it’s come and gone. Peaches are in. Lettuces are 20150606_093611still here, but leggier; it will soon be too hot for them. Green tomatoes are in; I found a few Black Russian cherry tomatoes from someone with a hothouse. Small pickling-style cucumbers are in; I prefer them for salads as they are thinner-skinned and less seeds. Cauliflower and broccoli are big and beautiful. And I found some beets! I love beets. These are cute little variously-colored varieties. I usually roast them; they are easier to peel when cooked.

Roasted Beets

Cut off tops and bottom roots, wash.  Coat lightly (lightly!) with oil, then wrap in foil and bake until done, about 45-60 minutes for a medium sized beet. Cool for about 10 minutes until you handle them, then slip off skins. Slice or dice for recipes. Or just toss on a salad, which is my preference.

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