Resolutions and Recipes

If you read my January 1 post about last year’s resolution…you’ll know why I am writing this post about resolutions in April.

One resolution for 2015 was to try many of the 100s of new recipes I have collected over the years – or will find this year. I planned to sort though and start listing priorities and toss some recipes – and successfully did that in March!. Since I count carbs now and try to eat less processed foods, I am pretty particular about recipes with carbs – I save my carbs for things I truly love – and I already have a lot of those. So a lot of the baking recipes went by the wayside. Most of the pasta dishes went – unless I could substitute a vegetable for the pasta. Potatoes – depends. Yeast breads – oh, bread! – I make a glorious rich white bread and challah and angel rolls, and probably don’t need to know how to bake more. But I’m always tempted! Biscotti – stays. Gluten-free recipes for cookies and muffins will be prioritized, as they do have less carbs, and I can share with family and friends that are GF, too. Slow cooker recipes – I’d like to get better with my slow cooker, so am starting with that.

The first recipe is Shredded Barbequed Chicken from America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution. I always have boneless skinless chicken breast in the freezer, AND I have some luscious looking new barbeque sauce, a present from a cooking friend.

And I failed to take a picture – but it was excellent!

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