Snow Day

Finally, an actual snow day in Memphis! We have had several “inclement weather” days off from work…several for ice/sleet/freezing rain this winter. But after a shift from a spring-like high temp of 64 degrees, yesterday the temp plummeted all day, dropping to 30 by dusk. The rain turned to freezing rain and sleet, and sometime overnight while the temp continued to fall, the magical snow came and left us 3″-6″, depending on the part of town. I love snow! Not as much as the northeast has had, but up to a foot is wonderful, especially when it melts within a few days. And the power doesn’t go out! I grew up in the north, so have had lots of snow in my life, but still require an annual snow fix.
It was still snowing when I got up this morning, so after breakfast (coffee and two gluten-free muffins with walnuts & cranberries), about 7:30, when folks were just beginning to stir outside, I refilled the bird feeder DSC_0328




20150305_094552out back, add then took the dog for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. We saw a few cars driving along, a few more stuck and spinning on ice, being pushed out, a few other dogs and their people walking, and as time passed and the snow decreased, we saw children and parents and teens with sleds heading for whatever hills can be found here. It was too dry a snow for good snowballs and snowmen. We were out for about two hours, but I did stop to take some photos, even though as a very dry snow, it was not clinging photogenically to the trees and bushes. But the dog is always cute, as were some snowy stretches of streets untouched by car, person, or pawprints yet.
So by the time we returned home, we were both cold and snowy. The dog shook herself off and cleaned her feet before napping. I got into dry clothes and made my very favorite hot chocolate: Heat a mug of milk in the microwave, add 2 heaping teaspoons of Ghirardelli ground chocolate & cocoa. The directions on the package call for more, but that’s too rich for even my chocolate-loving tastebuds!
Snow and hot chocolate. Now I’ve had my winter snow fix and will be ready for spring.

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