The Omnivore’s Dilemma: a book review with beverage

Ta-da! I have finally read the complete book: The Omnivore’s Dilemma! Yes to all those things I said before when listing the books for this challenge– I have read parts of it, have quoted it, have recommended it, but just never read the whole thing (that darned doctorate got in the way of a lot of my pleasure reading). It was just as good and enjoyable as I had hoped. I learned new things, such as a sensible rationale for why beef is less healthy for us now than it was in our grandparents time (what the beef itself eats). I continue to appreciate Micheal Pollan’s writing style and his journalistic approach to writing about nutrition. I learned new words: fungible, gnomic, holon, jeremiad, encomiums, usufruct. I discovered that he, too, quotes Joan Gussow, whom I had as a professor at Columbia in my early graduate school days and who first opened my eyes to the ecological underpinnings of the world of food beyond the clinical nutrition and dietetics I had studied.
Because I hate to write in books I depend on post-it notes, and will have to go back to review all the places I marked – some are quotes to remember, some are concepts to investigate further, some are topics to reflect on, and some were those new words that I needed to look up and practice a little. So much writing today uses a smaller vocabulary that I enjoy tripping across new-to-me words.

book and beverage.

book and beverage.

And so, to celebrate both the snow that was falling (although sadly, not sticking) and the fact that I finished the book, I stopped at buy some very good Irish whiskey.
I heartily recommend this book to anyone who eats!

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