Easy Supper

I was just getting used to having no homework…and then I agreed to teach an online graduate course. So I have “homework” of setting up the course discussions, and then reviewing the postings of the students. But I got to set up the deadlines within the framework of the semester dates….and I have a little more leeway. But still – it’s one more thing to do, and I am still catching up on life. I was hoping to finish cleaning out ½ of the garage today – I’d gotten a good start last weekend. But this morning I was speaking at a Newborn Conference this morning, along with the genetics doctor and the other Metabolic Dietitian/Nutritionist I work with. And then after a week of cold and rain and rain and dampness and gloominess and a little sleet/frozen rain yesterday, it was so bright and sunny and heading in to the 50s. So I took the dog to the dog park to run off some energy, and then for a walk through the woods of the Old Forest . And then, back home, I sat in a sunny window and read for a little while. Delightful!
I’d been out 4 out of 5 nights this past week, and just wanted to stay home. And I wasn’t up for anything complicated for supper. Nothing’s thawed. The cupboard is pretty bare – but I have two cans of tuna left. I have one egg, no milk, no bread. So: a tuna pattie. I used to make salmon patties, and while I liked them I disliked the little tuna pattie 1round bones in the canned salmon – had to sort through pretty carefully. Then I realized a can of tuna would also make a great pattie. So it’s not exactly a recipe, but: into a mug/small bowl goes about ½ an egg (the dog gets the other half) whatever I have in the way of finely diced onion and garlic and misc. herbs, which today is 1 T. of diced onion, garlic powder, a little oregano, dill, powdered chipotle, and pepper. Mix and mash and form into a pattie, sauté in a little olive oil in a sauté pan on the stovetop. I threw some frozen broccoli in the microwave, sprinkled a little parmesan on that, and supper was good to go!

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