First Book Challenge Review (and food the author ate)

I read Weathering Winter first, partially it was shorter, a daybook, but mostly because it is now winter. Initially I thought I’d read it day by day, but the author was doing this as a 20150118_192435type of memoir in a specific year, so the day of the week and the date did not match up. And he is in the north where it is cold and snows well into March, and I am Memphis, where it was 62 today, trees will be budding and leafing out near the end of February, and the daffodils will be up and done by the first official day of spring. So I’ve been reading here and there when I sit down for a minute or two.

I enjoyed it, and loved his philosophical bent and his descriptions of snow and winter, the night sky and stars, the longing for his spring/summer garden, and the soups and stews that went so well with the cold weather – another food lover! And all things I love – from winter to the stars to food to gardens.

‘Snow flurries this morning…swirling up from the ground in gusts and eddies…the invisible wind made visible in the flurried movements of the snow’ (p.53)

‘fresh onion bagels, the smoked lemon-pepper trout, the goat cheese, sliced tomatoes, capers, onions, lettuce, and garlic stuffed olives. A flurry of food that finally rivals the flakes outside.’ (p.54)

Easy read. Recommended. Will make you want a good lentil stew.

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3 Responses to First Book Challenge Review (and food the author ate)

  1. LWSpotts says:

    I adore lentil soup, so I’m now intrigued. I may have to pick this one up.

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