Reading and drinking

I have plunged in to the reading challenge. I’m starting with a daybook called “Weathering Winter” by a gardener and teacher of writing. Since we are now, along with the rest of the Midwest and south, in a frigid cold snap (a low of 7, a high of 22, really cold for Memphis!), it seemed like a good place to start. This is evening reading, and a clear glass mug of hot locally-made cider (well, local to Chattanooga) spiked with spiced rum is an 20150117_192222excellent accompaniment. Even the fluffy little sheltie is cold – she has happily snuggled up with me on the couch while I read (although she is hoping I will eat something and drop some crumbs), and on the bed the last two nights.

The author has reminded me about spring gardening catalogs, which has reminded me I don’t get them anymore. I do enjoy looking through them, but suppose I will do the ecological thing and just look online: Seeds of Change and Renee’s in particular. I’ve only grown herbs and some flowers the past few years, but would like a small garden again. But it is too cold now, so…. back to reading and sipping cider.

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