Fun with peas

It’s spring! Time for new beginnings (even with blogs). I started this blog as a class project in one of my graduate classes back in 2009, and have kept it up intermittently. Less frequently since I entered the dissertation phase of the doctoral degree. For over 2 years I have been ABD (All But Dissertation). But now, I have successfully defended my dissertation (225 pages, 58,503 words..although edits are still being made), am almost done (hurray!), and am now in what I am calling the “stupid paperwork phase.” An unnamed professor called it the “technical crap” phase. So be it. I am reclaiming other parts of my life. This blog. Photography. Quilting. Hiking/biking. Reading for pleasure. Dog training.

Even if I haven’t always posted photos or recipes, I have continually gone to the Memphis Farmers Market every week it has been opeaspen that I have been in town. At times I’ve taken pictures and planned to post. But kept running out of time. And even this week is late. I found these peas in my refrigerator today, although I actually bought them a week ago Saturday. I love fresh peas, and I was so excited to see them at the market! I thought of them several times this past week, but never when I was at home. Oh, well. Now I’ve found them! Shelled and lightly cooked (crunchy-tender), they will go on salads this week, and if any are left, maybe a few beside some mashed potatoes if I get around to cooking.

This being Memphis, it was too hot and humid to peas on floorsit outside on the porch and shell them. I dropped a couple and the dog found them. She chewed up one pad and left the pieces lying on th floor. Then eventually went back and ate the peas and left the pod. Smart dog.peas and dog

And possibly because I’d left them for  a week before shelling them, I found a few that had done what peas are meant to do – sent out sprouts ready to grow new plants. Interesting science project but they’re not going to be dinner.

peas sprouted

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One Response to Fun with peas

  1. Caitlin Allen says:

    good to see you having time to blog again, Dr. Wallace!

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