The Radio Sandwich

I confess: I listen to NPR on a regular basis. And this summer they had a contest for recipes representing the “Taste of Summer”. Now the other two finalists were a strawberry trifle (which isn’t the  taste of summer to me, as strawberries are a late spring fruit, gone by the depth of summer), and a south of the border slaw, which does sound good. But sandwich ingredients 7.13the one that made the radio was “Diane’s Dad Sandwich”, a layered affair of  bread, cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, onions and crunchy peanut butter. Yeah, really.

And I had all the ingredients on hand, although I'[d never thought of putting them together! They insist the order matters: from the bottom: crunchy peanut butter, thinly sliced sweet onions, thinly sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced sharp white cheesesandwich 7.13.

The taste test? Well, it’s kind of interesting. I would make it again to share with someone just because it’s surprising tasty for being so odd. But if I have good garden heirloom tomatoes, I’d rather have a plain tomato sandwich. Or maybe a BLT.

See the article at:

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One Response to The Radio Sandwich

  1. Joan Medlen says:

    Great post, Lee!
    I’d have to agree. If I have good heirloom tomatoes or fresh lemon cucumbers, they are all I need!

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