Springtime in Memphis!

I missed posting last week, as I traveled east to my daughter’s family for Mother’s Day. It was early spring there, up in the mountains, the leaves on the trees all early spring greens and golds. After a day of pouring rain and minor flash flooding, Sunday was bright and sunny with startlingly¬† blue skies and mild temperatures. Bliss.

Back here in Memphis, it’s still been unseasonable cool and wonderful…. until today. The temp is soaring into the upper 80’s, and the humidity has reached its peonies 5.18.13typical higher-than-able-to-be-measured level of unbearable. But because of the long cool then warm then cold then warm then hot then cold spring, all the flowers and produce are way behind schedule. Peonies are usually blooming in late March or early April (see my previous year’s posts & pictures); this year they are just now thriving. Lettuces are still abundant because there;s not been enough heat to make them bolt and become all leggy and spindly.

I don’t have a ton of kitchen gadgets – I have been able to resist many, salad spinner edithave tried a lot, gotten rid of some, and found others that I love. A salad spinner is one that I resisted for a long time (can you not just shake the water off?), but came to love. It gets all the water out of the lettuce, and then keeps it crisp in storage, ready to serve. It can also be used to soak and easily drain lettuce or other foods, very useful when there is lots of that fresh-from-the garden-or-farm dirt lettuces 5.18.13included.

For lunch today, I had lettuce wraps: some deli ham & Swiss cheese strips, wrapped up in lettuce leaves. Also good to add are avocado slices or your favorite condiment. It makes a light finger food lunch – quicker to fix and easier to eat than a bowl of salad.lettuce rolls edit 5.13 Add a few strawberries, small and juicy, from your local farmer. These today are a beautiful deep red and smell so amazing… it’s hard to eat just one…or five…or ten… or…oh, well, you get the idea. Yum.

strawberries edit 5.18.13

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One Response to Springtime in Memphis!

  1. Strawberries, yum. I’ve been yenning for them today. Hopefully, there’ll be some at the farmstand tomorrow. The weather is also weird where I live–central coast California. It’s been dry. The mountain and hillsides lost their green at the beginning of May and grass fields have been cut and baled for 2 weeks now.
    Continuing onward with the A to Z challenge road trip. Peace and Joy.
    Don’t be a Hippie
    Take 25 to Hollister

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