Water is simple enough. It’s best if it’s from a well or a spring – cold, clear and pure. But for those of us reduced to drinking tap water or water in plastic bottles….well, water is still important for our bodies even if it isn’t as tasty.

But it’s easy to add a little flavor. Find a good picture – I prefer glass, but whatever works. and then add fruits – and occasionally vegetables – that you like. I like cranberries, cut or smashed – about 10 -12 to a 2-litre pitcher. Or what about sliced ginger root, lime slices and mint leaves? Or how about some cantaloupe chunks? Or cucumber slices? Peach slices? Raspberries? watermelon chunks? And any of those flavors are without added sugars or artificial flavoring.

Enjoy more water – plain or with a little zing of flavor.

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