When my daughter was in South Africa, she learned to make proper British tea…boiling the water, steeping a good  tea in a pot, and serving it on a tray with teacups, sugar, milk or cream, and small demi-tasse spoons. And some sort of savory or sweet morsel to eat. I still like that in the afternoon.tea edit

But I’ve also sampled pretty much every flavored and herbal tea I can find. I’ve settled on some favorites: peppermint, which I also grow in pots outside, raspberry, and chai. I also like adding flavors: for iced tea, a little vanilla and some sliced peaches make a lovely peach Melba tea. If you made the strawberry butter from yesterday’s post, and saved the strawberry juice, add a tablespoon or two to a glass of ice tea.

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One Response to Tea

  1. rebekahgrow says:

    I love your site. I love your posts. Now I want to have some mint tea. I lived in Russia for a few years and I love adding jam to hot water. My favorite is raspberry jam. Tea is very soothing. It calms me.


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