Power outage – a bonus ‘P’ in the a-to-z-challenge

As I was clicking “publish” for the “Peas, please” entry, the power went out. We are having thunderstorms & severe weather here. I have a laptop, so it stayed on, but a message popped up “You have lost your connections with the server. The information will be lost.” Oh, no! Sigh. Fortunately the power returned within a minute, and the info was not lost, and all is well.

But it reminded me of power outs when I was a child, and having a tea party. I don’t know if that was to make us less frightened, or just to do something different. Water was heated on the gas stove, tea made in a pot and poured out in nice cups with saucers. And joy of joys, we got to use sugar cubes!! Somehow that seemed so grown-up to be able to use sugar cubes. It was fancy, and special – we never used sugar cubes for everyday or for children’s parties! “One lump or two?” we would ask each other in what we imagined to be a very grown-up and proper voice. And we would stir and sip our tea, with pinkie extended….until we ended up in giggles and went on to the next game.

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One Response to Power outage – a bonus ‘P’ in the a-to-z-challenge

  1. Judy says:

    Love it!!

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