Onions Or Oatmeal…?

onions editOnions can be sweet and simple, or strong and simply overpowering. I always buy sweet onions: less tears and the whole house doesn’t smell. Slicing onions and sauteing them is quick and easy and if you toss in whatever other vegetables you have, it makes a wonderful side dish. Or if you saute the onions alone until they caramelize, you get a wonderful soft tender brown garnish for meats.

These onions are nicely sauteed and ready to be added to other vegetables. They could be added to the mushroom, or the asparagus, or to red peppers….oh wait, shall  I talk about peppers tomorrow? Hmmmm. Meanwhile, to caramelize would take them another 10-15 minutes until they are browning nicely, and they get that browned caramelized color and taste. yum.

Oatmeal? Well, that was the other “O” option for the a-to-z challenge, but I don’t have much to say expect I love steel-cut oatmeal. It cooks up in 2-3 minutes in the microwave, it has texture and taste that rolled oats don’t, and what could be better on a cold winter’s day? Add maple syrup, or frozen blueberries, or peaches and cream, or chopped walnuts & apple chunks, or whatever else you can think of, and it’s a perfect start to the day. But not onions – definitely don’t add onions to your oatmeal.

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