L is Lettuces!

What could be simpler than lettuce?? For starters, the singular and plural forms could be a little easier. A head of lettuce, five heads of lettuce…or lettuces, which is much more noticeable.

Different varieties actually taste very different. I love butter lettuce, a  soft mild medium green leaf lettuce, but it’s mostly seasonal and local (and in bags at Trader Joe’s). I like leafy lettuces like buttercrunch, Bibb, endive, romaine, looseleaf. . . you’ll notice I am completely ignoring iceberg, which I don’t really consider an edible food, as it’s pretty much flavorless. Heirloom lettuces haveL&T edit interesting names like Drunken Woman (pictured with some tiny currant tomatoes) and Deer Tongue.

Lettuce usually is employed as foundation of a salad, or a single leaf slipped onto a sandwich, salad editand it’s just delightful.  This salad also has avocado chunks, cherry tomatoes and blueberries (frozen). Lettuce can also be cooked. Grilled romaine is pretty tasty, and loose leaf lettuce cups can be used to help steam fresh peas, then chopped and mixed with the peas to serve. Looseleaf lettuce is also excellent for the lettuce wrap for Chinese food.

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  1. I’m growing lots of lettuces in containers. Love the variety! Talya http://www.gracegritsgarden.com

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