“H” is for herbs….in the A-to-Z Challenge

This is a sideways slant into gardening…. for good food. While I’ve grown some vegetables in various places I’ve lived, once I’d planted herbs I was hooked. They are so easy to grow, thriving on heat and not minding a little drought – which makes them perfect for Memphis.  I love mint tea, so have always planted mints. I’ve tried peppermint and spearmint and apple mint and pineapple mint and chocolate mint and others. But I’ve settled into a few favorites, peppermint & chocolate mint that I always have, and then I try some others every now and then. Here’s my current mint/herb pots, just starting to bloom back out after dying down (which they do every winter). I show them because theDSCN1669y’re not magazine pretty – especially right now! – but they are useable and delicious. And in a month or so they will be gorgeous. I also have some parsley that’s coming back, and lemon verbena. And a huge rosemary that survives everything. The chives didn’t make it through the winter (that’s one of the bare spots) and the little pot of basil I bought froze. In a late March snow. In Memphis. Oh, well.

Quick & easy recipe? Mint tea. Cut a stem of mint and toss into your tea. Or cut several stems and steep in boiling water to make pure mint tea – it will be a very, very  pale color but taste delightfully minty.

Or the rosemary. Cut a good strong stem, and use as a skewer for any kind of meat or vegetables. Soaking in water for a few minutes  is a good idea. Lamb, chicken, and potatoes are particularly good.

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4 Responses to “H” is for herbs….in the A-to-Z Challenge

  1. Ann says:

    I enjoy having a herb garden here as well. There’s nothing like homemade pizza during the summer with fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden!

  2. Pam says:

    I posted on herbs for H, too! I tried growing basil for the first time last summer and it got huge! More like a basil bush than a mere plant. So tasty made into bruschetta. Love the tea idea. Makes me long for a hot day and a frosty glass of iced mint tea. mmmmmmmmm
    Pam at 2 Encourage

  3. I love growing herbs. I live in Dallas now but grew up in Northeast Arkansas just across the Mississippi River from Memphis. In face, my E word was Elvis…:) http://www.gracegritsgarden.com

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