Last Market for 2012

The last market was actually last week, the last Saturday in October. At  this time of year, when the market opens at 7:00 a.m., the sun is just rising (yawn), and folks are slowly  straggling in, as opposed to the summer, half the world gets there about 7:00, in bright sun, before the heat of the morning. I will miss the market until it opens again next April (as soon as the strawberries are ripe), but some of the vendors will set up occasionally at other smaller winter markets, so breads and root vegetables and some greens will still be available for a while. And of course there will be a Holiday Farmer’s Market in December.

The weather has had some cold spells, but lots of days near 80 mean there are lots of good vegetables here yet. Lettuces are huge and beautiful, and there were tender French  (stringless) green beans. I bought two batches, and will just steam them gently. And there were still some tomatoes. As i discovered last week, the smaller ones are tastier at this time of year. I’ll have one or two grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches to end the season with.

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