Heirloom vegetables

I admit I am easily amused. One of the things I love about heirloom vegetables is the interplay of colors. Buy a tomato at the grocery and it’s somewhere between red and orange-red. But the heirloom  tomatoes range from pale cream to yellow, orange, crimson and dark purple. And green. And striped. And I’ve shown photos of lots of these in the past. Today I was fascinated by the peppers. I’ve always liked the reds and yellow, but at the Farmer’s Market I’ve found ivory white ones and purple ones. This one today is a creamy yellow but had shadings of orange and then purple shadows creeping up from the bottom. Kind of a whole sunset in my hand. I will admire it for a few days before I eat it.

Tonight I will cook up the others into sautéed peppers and onions. Peppers are easy to get the seed clump out: leaving the stem end intact, slice thought the pepper and pull it apart – the seed clump pops out and the leftover ribs are easy to trim. Then slice top -to-bottom in about 1/4″ thick strips. Slice a sweet onion in half, then slice each half into half-circles. Put some olive oil in the pan, add onion slices and saute until soft. Push to outside edge of pan and add peppers, saute, stirring frequently under tender and onions may begin to carmelize.  Season with salt and pepper to taste. A touch of garlic or crushed red pepper is also good. I use about 2 medium to large peppers to one sweet onion. mushrooms can also be added – I usually cook them first and separately, then toss in at the end to reheat.

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