Risk (5 minute Friday)

The 5 minute Friday prompt for today is RISK.

Life is risks large and small. I felt it was a huge risk when I first started blogging – to commit to writing on a regular basis? (that hasn’t really happened, I go through seasons of blogging, then seasons without) To be all alone out there and no one would read this? Would that me a bad writer/ unpopular? Would anyone care about food as much as me?

And then I actually started (even if it was for a graduate class on using technology in higher education). And it wasn’t so bad. Friends visited and commented. Some strangers did too. I got enough traffic to get spam. Whoopee.  I do what I can..and have fun with it.

I went to Alaska all by myself. That was a risk. Getting lost…hiking alone (I mostly gave that up after seeing the “bear sightings today”  posts on trees…and decided the better part of valor was to stick to more traveled trails or with small groups. I viewed bears from only feet away. I saw moose only feet away in the yard of my B&B.

I got married. And divorced. Both risks.

I share in my blog things I like about food. I haven’t told as many stories as I intended, although I do tell some to go along with the food. That’s risk of another level. Storytelling for friends is one thing, for total strangers is another.

Does blogging about food compare to facing down a bear? All are risks.

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One Response to Risk (5 minute Friday)

  1. Pattie says:

    Awesome post! I loved the bear comments—all people ever hear about our town on the national news are the bear maulings–I’ve seen one mama and her cubs since we’ve lived here. 🙂

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