Sweet corn is in…

It is mid-June and sweet corn is in already I can’t wrap my mind around that. Where I grew up in PA, the corn was supposed to be “knee high  by the 4th of July”. And usually was ready to eat sometime in early August. But tonight I’m having sweet corn!

And other things: The last of the lettuce & strawberries. The beginnings of summer: purple and green peppers, some smaller melons, peaches,  blueberries, cucumbers. And brussels spouts still on the stalk. Somehow buying a stalk of Brussel spouts is so much more fun than buying a package of them!

Cooking Sweet Corn: Although great on the grill, I still like corn best when briefly boiled. When I was young, I remember stopping with my grandmother at a roadside farm stand where the woman would go out into the field and pick right form the cornstalks the number of ears we wanted. Then we’d go home, peel off the husks & silk. She’s heat up a large pot of water, and when it was boiling we’d put the corn in and boil for about 4 minutes. Then find some tongs to take it out,- don’t overcook it should be hot and tender yet still crisp when you bit into it – let drain for a few seconds, butter and salt and eat. Mmmmm!  Perfect!!  Bring a large pot of water to a boil. take husks and silk off of the corn (the silk mostly comes along with the husk if you hold them both together.

Perfect summer supper tonight: Fresh corn, sliced tomatoes, burger…and a glass of wine.

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