happiness: local summer heirloom homegrown tomatoes

Well, that title is a 6W6 (six word Saturday http://www.showmyface.com/search/label/6WS) comment…but the sentiment can hardly be contained in words. I had tomato sandwiches for lunch. will have sliced tomatoes for summer along with something. Will have tomatoes & eggs & toast for breakfast tomorrow.

Did I mention tomatoes are in at the farmer’s market??  I know, I get a little overenthusiastic. Today I have Sun Gold cherry tomatoes,  a medium size yellow French heirloom – Flamme? – and the first Cherokee Purples of the season.  Yummmm.  Also have the last of the strawberries and possibly lettuce for a while, and some early peaches.

Everyone has their own version of tomato sandwiches. A slice or two of bread (white is traditional, but I use a good light-textured whole wheat bread), a layer of Helman’s (only Helman’s) mayonnaise, a big slice of tomato…maybe a salt of salt. Mmmmmm. Food perfection!

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