Hot, cold, hot, cold. Memphis weather.

Weather cool. Strawberries and tomatoes available.

Above comment is linked to 6-word Saturday (describe your life is six words). Check them out!

Explanation & photo: Really weird weather..first it was almost 100 last week. Now the low is in the 50’s and high near 75. Most un-Memphis like. It means strawberries and lettuce are still at the Farmer’s Market, but blueberries and tomatoes  are in unusually early.  Easy breakfast options for the week: sliced heirloom tomatoes on whole wheat bread, tucked under the broiler for a few minutes, with good  white sharp cheddar melted on top.  Or, blueberries & vanilla yogurt with a sprinking of chocolate/carob granola.

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3 Responses to Hot, cold, hot, cold. Memphis weather.

  1. Loved your list of breakfast options for the week!…They all sound good! (:>)
    The weather is beautiful here today…but we too have had a variety lately of warm, hot, rainy and chilly.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. LWSpotts says:

    Yum to both! Six Word Saturday is fun, isnt it?

  3. Ron. says:

    Yeah, we’re definitely in transition here, too.

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