Cauliflower Soup

Oh, my, it’s getting hot outside again.  And I try to eat all my fruits & veggies every day (unlike the joke where the man is saying ‘I eat my five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Today I had three raisins and 2 peas.’ )  Some days it’s just too hot to cook. And when I get tired of salads, reheating soup is my favorite option. So I turned most of the purple cauliflower into cauliflower soup, using the broccoli soup recipe. (See Finally done with classes…and time for good food, 4/28/12). Looks kind of funky, doesn’t it? Yes, that really is purple cauliflower soup in a yellow bowl.  But it tastes good. and it gets lots of attention – that is, those kind of sideways looks that say “should I ask her what that is or would I rather not know?’ when I take it to lunch. And I portioned it out and froze  it in small containers for future lunches.

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