Stay tuned…..

It has become patently obvious to me – and to you, if you’d been following my blog over the summers – that when my doctoral classes reconvene in the fall, I cannot keep up with work, with 2 classes, and with writing here regularly. Not to mention the rest of my life. I occasionally cook big pots of  things on weekends – taco soup, 3-bean chili, spaghetti, roast chicken – and freeze leftovers to pull out during future weeks for lunch and dinners.

This winter, in January, in Memphis, we have had 3 snows that piled up and stayed around a few days. Very unusual for here. I did a little baking – pumpkin bread, cookies, actual meatballs. but no time for photos, or blogging. Cooking was a break in paper writing and tons of readings. My classes are over at the end of April, I’ll be heading through only more class next fall, and then research and dissertation. So I hope to be sharing stories & good food regularly again by this summer, and then continue it through next fall and winter and spring and summer……etc.,  etc., etc.

Come back in early May – the Farmer’s Market will be open and I’ll have time again!

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2 Responses to Stay tuned…..

  1. Elizabeth Bishop says:

    Just a note Lee to let you know that I am still reading your blog. It always makes me hungry and I can hear your voice in my head as I read the words on the screen. My garden has been plowed once already and getting the ground ready for planting. Don’t just come Spring — stay awhile.

  2. Mary Nezzo Thompson Little says:

    Your photos are wonderful, Lee. I can’t wait to read more. I’ll be thinking of you this week and praying all goes well with your hospital stay. Where’s the button to press to make me a follower?
    Mary Nezzo-Thompson (Little)
    Durham, UK

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