A hint of fall in the air and at the market

Oh, my goodness! It was, like, 60 this morning, with a high predicted near 82…after weeks and months of the LOWs being 87. And the humidity is down. Glorious! At the Farmer’s Market this morning, long-sleeved shirts ruled the day, instead of tank tops & shorts. And the vegetables are changing – only partially because of the long dry spell and extreme heat in this area. It is almost fall. I bought acorn squash and a delicata today.
Tomatoes are going…only a few vendors had heirloom versions, so I have what may be my last batch of Cherokee Purples for the year. There are still smaller cherry tomatoes, and lettuce will be coming in soon, so i see more typical salads are coming back to my table.
Today for lunch I had tomatoes with mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinaigrette, and some zucchini fritters. I have eggplants left form last week (going back to school with an evening class, and homework for the online class, kind of doomed my cooking this week. But smittenkitchen has inspired me with an eggplant/feta mix for bruschetta and a stuffed Lebanese-style eggplant for tomorrow (I need to get some beef or lamb first).

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