Personal watermelon

The produce at the Market today says the end of summer: fewer tomato varieties & a little smaller & harder and less ripe; less corn; figs are gone; fewer cantaloupes. The flowers are changing – the zinnias are going more to oranges and yellows, while the pinks, reds  and purples of earlier summer are smaller and fading quicker. But I still bought too many tomatoes: reds and yellow and pink, and lots of cherry-sized tomatoes in all sorts of colors. And a personal-sized watermelon – a Sugar Baby.

The weather, however, does not know  summer is nearing the end: it’s still 100+ with a heat index of 100 billion (well, 118).

Some friends came for lunch  and brought me a bunch of  red & purple zinnias & beautiful basil. For supper, I snipped up basil leaves with lots of the tomatoes and a little fresh mozzarella cheese, with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. And I’d made huckleberry pie. Huckleberries, as I’ve mentioned before, are like blueberries but smaller and darker and more tart and tasteful. One of my favorite berries, and they freeze so well and can be used in anything even when out of season. And homemade vanilla bean ice cream…with leftovers for supper dessert. Perfect!

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