Pattypan squash

I was given some pattypan squash – medium-sized ones. I find pattypan squash a little more challenging than yellow squash or zucchini squash. It has big seeds more like pumpkin seeds, so they need to be removed. Then it’s an odd shape, you can’t just slice or dice it up. So I thought about stuffing it. I tried stuffing squash last summer and found some nice stuffings  – the ricotta-based one was the best tasting, but I wanted something different. Many, many, many recipes are vegetarian, or at least stuffed with other vegetables and cheese. So it took a lot of looking for something really different. I had just been introduced to a wonderful blog called smittenkitchen, and she solved my problem – a lovely squash stuffing recipe with Italian sausage and bread crumbs and other good things. Cutting the squash open and deseeding was probably the hardest part. I think I will go with the zucchini ball squash next time.

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