Cheese, please…..

I brought back a 40+ pound wheel of cheese from PA – good sharp cheddar cheese from York Valley, made from raw milk. As I might have said last year, we call it Katie’s cheese, because it comes from Katie’s Country Store. I could live on this cheese…cheese on toast for breakfast, cheese and crackers, cheese diced onto salads, grilled cheese, cheese and fruit. Although cheese doesn’t usually freeze well, I discovered a couple of years ago that if I vacuum-sealed it in 1 to 2 pound pieces, when it thawed it was still sliceable – it crumbled more than fresh, but was still acceptable for slicing and grating without the crumbled mess you usually get. So I spent a while today, slicing cheese, vacuuming sealing, and labeling with date (I label everything I put int eo freezer with name and date. Old habits die hard.)

The smallest piece in the photo is about 2 pounds. The little piece to the right was a crumbled piece that was eaten pretty quickly.

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2 Responses to Cheese, please…..

  1. Hehe – how in the world does one bring home a 40 pound cheese… how long can it last? I one bought a Old Amsterdam in the airport of about 5 kg and didn’t even finish 25% before most of it was spoiled…

    • leesgoodfood says:

      Ahhh…I have a vacuum sealer and freeze it in 1-2 pound blocks. The vacuum keeps enough moisture out that it doesn’t get as crumbly as frozen cheese usually does. Not as good as fresh, but perfectly acceptable when it’s not a cheese one can get locally.

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