Plums as small as my thumb

Went down to the Farmer’s Market first thing this morning…it is to be very very very hot today. Upper 90’s with a heat index of 105…??? How can that be, even in Memphis, when it’s not even mid-June? The vendors at the Market had sweat streaming down, just from unloading and setting up. Since I have a trip to the (hopefully)  cool north soon, I was buying minimal things today: some lettuces, a mixed box of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, some short fat carrots and some mini-plums – I’d never seen plums that small before! There were lots of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and a few tomatoes starting to come in, still some Swiss chard, greens, and lettuces, although quantities of those are decreasing and prices going up as it gets too hot for them. The flowers are looking gorgeous and I closed my eyes while standing beside Whitton’s stand and was transported to a lush summer garden from scent alone. I keep forgetting to take my camera to take pictures there – I’ve been forgetting it ever since I started this blog!! – so along with trying to take photos of finished recipes this year, I will try to get some  market pictures up, too.

The carrots I will clean and slice and nibble, I’ll grill chicken (and add avocado, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and some chopped olive tapenade) for some nice meal-size salads. I will need to do something with the plums. I’m thinking – besides just eating them as bite-size treats – of individual plum tarts. I just need to find a good shortbread crust, I think.  More on that another day…right now I still have peach ice cream left from last week.

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One Response to Plums as small as my thumb

  1. Jenness says:

    Love these little stubby carrots!

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