Swiss chard coming around again….

Without the CSA this year, I don’t have nearly the abundance of Swiss chard I had last year, but the one little handful of “bright lights”, which is the multi-colored chard – yellow and orange and red and white and green, that I bought a few weeks ago that went into frittatas was not enough. So when I saw some beautiful chard in miscellaneous reds and greens, I bought a big bag, over a pound, last weekend, and here I am today making the Cheese Chard Bake again. And I still forgot to take a picture ! Oh well. All the red chard actually made the casserole a little pink. So maybe the picture best wait.  

And I sautéed some yellow heirloom zucchini with some onion and a touch of garlic – is there such a thing as a “touch” of garlic? – in a little olive oil. I grated the onion and the zucchini, and it sautéed up in less than a minute.

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One Response to Swiss chard coming around again….

  1. Jenness says:

    My office is 86 yards from yours…if you want to share the chard casserole. I’m just sayin’.

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