Yard sales on market day

The only difficulty with the Farmer’s Market being on Saturday is there are many other things to do early on  a Saturday morning.  Today was a yard sale for the local sheltie group. I had donated some things for the sale, but wanted to go down and see…and did pick up a few things. It was down in Mississippi, so I had a tour of another part of town as i went. I took along my most recent foster sheltie.

I didn’t get to the market until just before 10:00. Because I had the dog, I used the complimentary dog sitting service while I shopped. What a crowd!! people everywhere. It was almost hard to walk through the aisles. There were no strawberries. I got the next to last bag of tender lettuces. I love the word and the plural concept of  “lettuces”.  We are used to “lettuce”, a single large head of lettuce that we cut or tear up into pieces that serves multiple meals. And I have found some lovely lettuce at the farmer’s Market – some red romaine a few weeks ago, sometimes buttercrunch or other heirloom varieties, but I Love the little lettuces that are picked or cut off while still small, so a bag or a handful actually is a collections of different lettuce plants: hence, lettuces.

I also stopped to watch the bellydancing performance. It was getting quite warm by then and they were in the sun . Then I found the hydroponic tomato folks, so got some to go with the lettuces. And on my way back to get the dog, one of the local orchards had restocked their strawberries. Hurray for the dog – if it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have gone back and i would still be strawberry-less!

The strawberries are still wonderful – red and sweet and probably going soon. So I washed them and left them on the counter – just ate one or two every time I walked past. Yum! And I will have strawberry shortcake again tonight. Yum again!

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