Shopping in the rain at the farmer’s market…

… is going on even in the midst of floods.

This morning we woke up to flooded streets. What woke us up was the rapidly rising water that was submerging cars and setting off their car alarms. Down the street the water was up and into the first floors of some houses. I had about 2-3 feet in the basement (bathroom and laundry room). The water peaked in the streets about 6:00 am, but didn’t go down so fast in the houses and basements. Rain continued intermittently. About 9:00, I decided I might as well go down to the market, who had posted a “limited market, all under the pavilion.” It took a little while to get there. One underpass was flooded, but had an easy detour, then one of the major cross roads was completely impassable, with water bubbling up out of the manhole several feet into the air (yes, it just moved the covers, which made driving hazardous for a while after the water went down.

But I did get to the market. everyone was  huddling under the pavilion roof, but quite a lot of the vendors were there. I was too distressed at the thought of the clean-up I had waiting at home to buy much that took cooking. especially knowing I had no hot water and would be boiling water to wash dishes. So I bought 2 boxes of strawberries which were red and sweet and wonderful, and 2 bunches of peonies, white and pink and incredibly fragrant. And then some coffee and 2 doughnuts – less dishes to wash at home.

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