And….we’re back!

Life got a little complicated this winter…work and  graduate classes and a non-functioning car …. Time for writing anything was on hold. But one class is done, I’m catching up at work, so hopefully all will be better soon….And am getting better with the not-so-new digital camera. Now I just need food styling skills for cooked food – I can’t seem to make it look as good as it really is. So that is something to practice.

Meanwhile, I never got signed up for  a CSA this year…I am still on a waiting list, but apparently didn’t make the top of the list this year, either. Instead, I am still continuing on the Mediterranean diet path. Lots of vegetables and new recipes. I’m restocking the kitchen, although more about that next time.

And my other project for this year is to give up HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and trans-fats. The trans-fats are easier, manufacturers have gone back to regular saturated fats instead of trans-fats. Hurray. (yes, that’s sarcasm). But the HFCS proves challenging in a few areas…like crackers. I’ve had to find organic crackers  and do a lot of label reading.  And I’m not being fanatical – I have cleaned it out of my home, but don’t even ask when eating out or eating with friends. I even bought Girl Scout cookies (thin mints). On the other hand, I have been appalled that home-made baked goods are no longer allowed in schools…now if it were just for health reasons, that would be one thing…but prepackaged sweets and treats ARE allowed. It’s food safety gone too far and I think sacrificing health.

Today I’m cleaning up and cleaning out the pantry — including the last of the thin mints!

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