Comfort Food(s)

It is cold cold cold here in the MidSouth. We are having lows in the single digits for days in a row (very unusual here), and the high will not be above freezing until ??? (the temperature is soaring to 31 in two more days).

This brings out all my desires for warm winter comfort foods. I am making grocery lists for cooking: for 4-cheese lasagna, for ‘delicious white macaroni & cheese’, for chicken enchilada casserole, for chili & cornbread, for spicy southwestern chicken soup. Mmmmmmm.

I’ve already been making baked oatmeal, french toast breakfast casserole, hot cocoa (dark chocolate of course), hot spiced cider. I’ve got meatloaf and mashed potatoes ready to cook tomorrow tonight.  And a few cookies (I keep dough in the freezer so I can bake up a couple in my toaster oven and have fresh hot cookies at a moment’s notice).

I think I need a list of top 10 comfort foods…..I’ll start a page for “top 10’s”.

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