Local & Sustainable Christmas

I have been resisting the lure of a prepackaged purchased Christmas for many years…but of course there are moments of weakness and breakdowns. I have never had a big artificial tree, always a real one. But somewhere along the way, I bought or accumulated three tall and narrow artificial trees.

One is  a feather tree, that I became enamored of decorating, after seeing one in a log cabin bed & breakfast I stayed at in Pittsburgh once. I collected ornaments slowly over the last few years, but do not, and probably will not, ever have enough to line each branch, but I do have one for each branch.

Another is filled with the simple Scandinavian mostly red ornaments that my mother used to have on her tree, before she downsized. The third was a very 80’s-90’s crafty one with grapevines twining. I used to have bits of fraying homespun cloth tied on as ornaments, and it looked great in my quilting workroom. But in my current Arts & Crafts bungalow, it just looked out of style. SO now it still has twining grapevine branches, but also lots of shite lights. It will eventually have beribboned frame ornaments with family pictures in them – but that’s been a project in process for several years.

And decorations…the “fake” pine wreaths and garlands look very realistic now. They don’t shed needles and sap over the furniture and floors. But they don’t have the wonderful Christmas scent. And they are not real. Usually I find pine branches – and I love white pine – but this year my holly bushes needed trimming. So I had lots of holly, too. And the advent candles I found for votive cups worked well with that, too.

As I noted a couple weeks ago, the local Farmer’s Market had a Holiday Market with wreaths and winter plant baskets & lots of local gift items. But it’s fun to be creative on your own.

                           Merry Christmas!

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