…the goose is getting fat…..

Well, no actual goose to get fat here. I’ll get a turkey eventually. But the Christmas Baking started today in earnest!

  1. Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips – done!
  2. Mint chocolate brownies – done!
  3. “The very best ginger cookies ever”  dough made and chilling – check!
  4. Peanut butter blossom kiss cookies – done!
  5. Double chocolate sweet dream cookies – dough made and chilling – check!

And while it’s not baking,  Taco Soup was simmering on the stove top. Tomorrow there are the two cookie doughs to bake, and banana bread to make. And maybe some cornbread – it’s cold and rainy outside and chicken and dressing for Sunday dinner is just sounding good!

The dogs just hung out in the kitchen, watching, all day, and unfortunately for them , I was very neat and spilled practically nothing. But they were ever hopeful.

I miss the baking get-togethers I used to have with friends and co-workers. we shared recipes and had lots of fun and got to try new things. This fall, with traveling and school, there was too much going on to organize anything, but perhaps next year I’ll get together with some similar-minded bakers.

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